About us

The Three Moles is a traditional countryside real ale house in the beautiful village of Selham, the heart of the South Downs National Park.


Having been taken over by the new landlords, Tom & Ollie in 2017, the pub has been given a fresh burst of life and is regularly frequented by many local and not so local residents along with many visitors to the area.

The Three Moles is very much the village living room where everyone is welcome to come and have a great time.  There is always a very friendly atmosphere and our loyal local customers just cannot keep away!

The Three Moles is proud to be a traditional country pub and takes great pride in the quality of the beer we serve and the glassware it is served in, making sure every customer enjoys the perfect pint served at the correct temperature and in the correct glass.


Having been awarded a St Austell Brewery Masters Certificate for serving their beer to the highest standard and our Cask Marque Certificate of Excellence just goes to show how much we care. We are also proud to hold a 5* Beer Marque award, a 5* Cellar rating, a 5* Food Hygiene rating and once again we were voted as West Sussex Pub of the Year 2019!

We have a dedicated cycle parking area for you to lock your bike in an area covered by 24 hour CCTV. We even have puncture repair kits and tools to help fix problems with your bike and offer refills for your water bottles.

Bicycle Symbol.png

Our Beer and Cellar Quality is regularly independently inspected by Cask Marque Assessors to ensure we maintain our high standards, making sure you receive the perfect pint every time!

We are proud to also hold a 5* rating from Cask Marque for our cellar.  This involves random inspections from Cask Marque’s highly qualified inspectors who check everything from the cleanliness of the cellar and the equipment in it, stock rotation, line cleaning logs, the cleanliness and quality of our glassware, the cleanliness of our glass washer and ice machine and much more. To top it all off, we are the only pub in the area to hold the Quality accreditation from Guinness and have our Masters Award from St Austell Brewery.

A History Lesson...


The Three Moles was built by William Townley Mitford and opened in 1872 as ‘The Railway Inn’. After 6 months the name was changed to ‘The Three Moles’ and to this day remains the only pub in the world with this name!

The pub was built to serve Selham Rail Station on the opposite side of the road which later closed in 1955. The pub however has continued to trade and has over the years won a number of CAMRA awards including West Sussex Pub of the Year on at least 4 occasions as well as coming a national runner up.


The name of the pub comes from the Mitford family crest, who to this day still own the building, which has three moles depicted on it. We know that one of the moles comes from where the estate started in Molesden, Northumberland and the other comes from part of their estate being on the edge of the river mole. The third is currently a mystery to us and we are continually researching to try and find out!