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Accessibility at  The Three Moles

As much as we wish we could be accessible to all, due to the way the pub was built 150 years ago back in 1872, when things like accessibility were not thought about like they are today, we unfortunately can't be.    

The pub is built into the side of a hill, so there is a flight of steps to get from road level up to the front door, then a couple more steps to get inside. To access the garden, once you have followed the path around the building, there are a few more steps to get up into the garden. And once you are in the garden, you guessed it, there are more steps to access the different levels.

We are an old building, with various uneven surfaces, so we ask that you take care - we have made every effort we can to make everything as safe as we can, however if you need any help with anything, just ask one of us.

Because of the steps, we do not have any wheelchair access. We have looked at all options, but unfortunately there is no way of putting one in. Our toilets are also very small and even if we had found a way to put in a ramp, we don't have the space to adapt the toilets to make them wheelchair friendly.

We do have a function room that is at road level and only has 2 steps to get into it - so if you can't manage the 13 steps up to the front door, let us know in advance and we can make sure the function room is open and warm for you. This is heated by a log burner and takes 2-3 hours to get up to temperature normally, so we do need some notice.  Please note that there are no toilets in here and they are only available in the main building.

Can't get in to see us? If you are local, you can always go online during our kitchen opening hours and place an order so we can bring a bit of the pub to you! You can order food, beer, wine, soft drinks, tobacco products and more.

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